Biogas Flares by german producer C-nox

C-nox as german producer of Biogas Flares

High-temperature biogas flares are applied for the environmentally compatible combustion of contaminated waste gas and exhaust air streams according to the TA Luft.

These gases can have very different origins and sources.


  • Waste biogas and exhaust air streams related to industrial processes   

  • Waste biogas and exhaust air streams with volatile organic compounds displaced during the filling of tanks and reservoirs

  • Purge air of tanks and reservoirs as preparatory step before their cleaning

  • Waste gases and exhaust air streams from bacterial processes, especially sewage gas, biogas and landfill gas

Key characteristic of the high-temperature combustion is a temperature above 1000°C in the burning chamber. In the temperature range between 1000°C and 1200°C all oxidable compounds of the gas are nearly fully converted and at the same time the production of nitric oxides is limited.

Especially biogas and sewage gas streams come with increased temperatures from the respective process and face a change of temperature on their transport path to their further valorization in CHP units or to their disposal with flares biogas.

n order to avoid that these equipments are damaged or present any malfunctions, the gas must be freed from humidity to reach the point of use as a dry gas.

C-nox biogas and sewage gas cooling and drying stations are ingenious and customized system solutions with intelligent plant concepts. They guarantee a high availability at lowest operation costs. Systems specially tailored to the requirements of the industry reduce the investment costs and allow a flexible and customized solution.

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