Why should anybody use a serp checker for SEO purpose

When trying to get your website ranked up the search engine results, you have to fight against numerous opposing forces. You have to fight against the search algorithms themselves, which may be ranking websites down because they are out of date or employ poor SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You also have to fight against your own rank building mistakes, you have to fight against the negative effect that the online community has, you have to fight the actions of your competitors, and you have to muscle your way up the rankings whilst directly competing with your competition.

How Can The Search Chimp SERP Checker Help?

The SERP checker cannot help you rank up the search engine results in the same way that new sneakers can help you win a race, but a good SERP checker can help you see how far behind you are in the race.

You cannot simply jump onto Google and figure out where you are on the search engine results. Numerous searches will yield numerous results, plus what appears on your search engine results may not be what appear on other peoples’. For example, with Google your previous searches and previously visited websites will affect your search engine results. That is why when you search for things on your phone and on your desktop computer, you get different results.

Learn About Specific Ranking Movements

You can use the SERP checker to see how your current efforts are affecting your search engine ranking. It is handy if you are trying to see the effects that search engine marketing is having on your search engine rank because a good SERP checker can pick up on changes in a way that allows you to monitor them over time. With a good SERP checker, you can see if your current campaign is having a good effect on your ranking, whilst simultaneously figuring out if your ranking has changed due to a background effect or halo effect with other websites.

See The Effect Of Google Updates

Google updates their search engine around 50 times per year, and occasionally they roll out a big change that affects websites around the world. Most of the Google updates are published, which means you can track your ranking with SERP checker and line them up against Google’s update history. You can see if their updates are having an effect on your search engine rankings. If you see a correlation, you can act to counter the effect (if required). Being able to identify the cause of your search ranking slip with a good SERP checker will enable you to direct your efforts toward the proper corrective action.

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