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R134a compressors

The use of R134a compressors is instantly associated to a number of necessary household appliances, such as fridges, freezers, a combination of both appliances, tumble driers and more. At times it becomes necessary to replace these types of compressors, particularly due to natural wear and tear and the effects of refrigerant gas within the unit. Choosing an adequate unit for your appliance may seem like a complex task, and not everyone will be informed enough to be able to make the right choice of compressor.

We have provided a variety of energy efficient air compressing solution for a number of years, and compressors employing R134a gas are our priority. Refrigerants are also employed for air conditioning solutions, particularly in cars and homes, and the use of a compressor for these particular purposes is very common. Mobile homes also use these types of compressors as it is way more efficient in terms of energy consumption than R407C or other solutions commonly employed.

For those who are wondering exactly how HFC refrigerants work, a brief paragraph explaining all facets of R134a will follow. This will be highly informative for those who wish to purchase a R134a compressor, but also for those who are just curious about what the term entails exactly. Keep reading to and all shall be unravelled.

HFC Refrigerants (R134a)

As briefly mentioned, R134a is a type of refrigerant gas which is mostly used in cars and homes for a variety of purposes. This type of gas replaced CFC-12 which was banned in the late 80s due to a number of reasons. R134a is energy efficient and does not cause environmental damage like other refrigerant solutions, being particularly clement to the ozone layer.

R134a is also inflammable which makes it considerably safer than previous alternatives, which were phased out for this reason among others.

R134a Compressor Uses

As mentioned uses range from home appliances to light commercial usage. The latter may include refrigeration or air conditioning found in supermarkets or other similarly large areas. 134a for homes will typically include the uses outlined in the paragraphs above.

These types of compressors are also sometimes used in the medical industry, for specific types of apparatus used to inject medicines or used for breathing purposes. Whatever the usage, an R134a compressor is incredibly popular across a number of industries, and our products will be able to cater for every type of usa which one may have in mind.

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